Use these VPN speed tips to make sure you do not slow down your Internet connection when protecting yourself today with a VPN connection. With these tips below, you will get the best possible VPN connection.

VPN is also a secure traffic tunnel that routes your network traffic through a server somewhere in the world before reaching your destination. VPN does everything that it accesses by thinking that the intermediate server is its address instead of its real information. This extra step in routing your traffic will naturally add latency to your connection, but you should not slow down! Just follow these VPN speed tips:

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VPN Speed ​​Tips

Use a Level 1 VPN Service:

A Level 1 Communication Service can reach any other Internet address without having to go through it or make unnecessary stops in its path. Some VPN providers do not have their own computer network (level 2), which slows down your Internet connection.

Check your Internet speed before and after login:

You may think that a VPN is slowing down your connection, but your Internet connection may be slow. Click here to visit SpeedTest and start a speed test before and after connecting to your VPN. This will let you know where the real problem can be.

Change your VPN server:

Try to do a SpeedTest in different server locations. Some VPN providers also have a “Quick Connect” option that automatically calculates your VPN server faster.

Make sure your connection uses wired Ethernet:

Wifi introduces latency into your connection. Make sure your code box, your computer, or your device uses a wired Ethernet connection and increase the download speed.

Disable the local firewall: Try disabling the firewall and local antivirus and check for speed. Firewalls filter traffic, including VPNs, and can slow the speed of the Internet.

Restart your router and your device:

if all else fails, reboot your router and device and test your VPN with a new connection.

IPVanish is our preferred VPN service because it eliminates all of the above business issues. They are a Level 1 service with applications for Android TV, Amazon Fire iOS, Mac, Linux and more, and have a fast connection feature that automatically connects you to the fastest VPN server.

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