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A couple of years back, you had to really make an effort to find 4K movies. However, this is no longer the case. Almost every newly released movie comes in both HD and 4K format as well. Still, there are many doubts about this technology which we hope to clear in this article. In case you don’t know, TechNadu’s editorial team is dedicated to presenting overviews of the best Kodi addons you can possibly find. This is why we will be dealing with the very best 4K Kodi addons in this article – but we’ll also go much further than that.

Aside from sharing fully-working 4K Kodi addons and their ways of installation, we’ll try to help you to understand what 4K actually means. Not every device is capable of playing high-resolution media files, which is why we’ll try to resolve any doubts. Let’s jump right in, shall we?

Disclaimer: Please note that we will be talking about paid and free, as well as official and unofficial addons for Kodi. We are committed to teaching you how to install and use the following plugins by providing in-depth guides. However, TechNadu doesn’t take any responsibility for how the information in this article is used. Also, please note that we do not condone piracy or copyright infringement, as well as that we are in no way connected to the software mentioned below. Please read the above-said disclaimer content carefully, and ensure the fair use of the software.

WARNING: Before You Continue…

In order to use Kodi Bollywood addons without any restrictions, we highly recommend using a VPN. This kind of application has numerous benefits, such as:

  • Using a Virtual Private Network, you can access previously locked content. Some providers of live streams lock their content to a particular region, unavailable from anywhere else in the world. A VPN disguises your IP address so that it appears as if you are at a different physical location. This doesn’t only work with Kodi but with any website on the Web.
  • I am sure you’ve heard about privacy issues on the Web. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) might collect your personal information and your Web traffic. This kind of information can be accessed by governments and different agencies. This is why some Kodi users have reported receiving copyright infringement notices. A VPN is the best protection against this. This kind of application encrypts your Internet browsing and makes it impenetrable to third parties.
  • Finally, a VPN is your protection against malicious attacks. This application makes your Internet connection secure, so you can freely use open and public Wi-Fi connections without any restrictions.

4K Kodi Addons - VPN

We’d like to recommend using IPVanish as your go-to VPN application. This is because IPVanish is optimized for Kodi in every possible way. It secures your Internet connection, unlocks any content, and provides stable and reliable Internet connectivity. The prices start at $6.95 per month. Sign up for IPVanish and enjoy the freedom of the Internet.

What Exactly is 4K?

You have probably heard people talking about HD (or FullHD) video resolutions. In technical terms, the full HD resolution stands at 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. Let’s compare that to 4K – which is the highest possible resolution found in today’s TV models. 4K brings 3,840 x 2,160 pixels – which means that 4K is four times the full HD resolution. However, you know that TVs are not any bigger than before, with some exceptions. This is because today’s TVs (as well as screens on computers, smartphones, and tablets) are managing to cram more pixels which produces a much clearer and better-defined picture. As a result, this means that you can see very small and subtle details clearly as well as to easily discern very subtle textures.

What’s the Difference Between 4K and Ultra HD?

Next, let’s talk about 4K and Ultra HD. We are sure that a large portion of our readers think that 4K and Ultra HD are identical. However, that’s not the case – at least if we take a deep look at these two technical terms.

4K Kodi Addons - 4K

Ultra HD resolutions are a bit ‘smaller’ than 4K. The correct size of Ultra HD stands at 3,820 x 2,160 pixels while the 4K resolution stands at 4,096 x 2,160 pixels. However, the majority of large screen tend to come with the 16:9 ratio which means that they offer a resolution that sits somewhere in between the 4K and Ultra HD.

What’s the Deal with Kodi and 4K?

Those of you who use Kodi on 4K screens might be wondering if Kodi runs properly at such resolution. The truth is that you can configure Kodi to display at 2160p (full 4K). In turn, Kodi will upscale its interface. However, this could be a problem in the long-run. There aren’t any customizable 4K skins for Kodi – which is important to know if you’re into customization. They will upscale from full HD and might lose some clarity. This is why we recommend running Kodi at full HD and play 4K movies using 4K Kodi addons.

4K Kodi Addons - 4K 2

Best 4K Kodi Addons: Overview

Lucky for us, there is an excellent selection of 4K Kodi addons. With the popularity of 4K movies and TV shows on the rise, it is no wonder that we’re seeing so many addons that support this feature. As you can imagine, the majority of 4K Kodi addons bring HD content as well. This is because the Full HD resolution is still the golden standard for live TV broadcasting around the world and TV shows as well.

Before we continue, make sure to read the ‘Important Note’ section found below.

Important Note

By default, Kodi doesn’t work with add-ons installed from third-party sources. However, you can change that by visiting the application’s Settings. Here’s how to allow Kodi to install and launch third-party 4K Kodi addons:

  • Open Kodi and you’ll be greeted by its Home Screen. Go to Settings using the gear icon in the top-left corner;

4K Kodi Addons - Setup 1

  • Next, click on ‘System Settings’;
  • Pick ‘Add-ons’ from the sidebar;

4K Kodi Addons - Setup 2

  • On the right side of the screen, make sure to enable support for unknown sources.Double-check if you’ve set the available toggle to ON.

Best 4K Kodi Addons: TechNadu’s Recommendations

Finally, let’s take a look at the best addons that offer 4K content. We’ll provide in-depth information that includes installation methods. In addition, we’ll also provide a short overview of each addon, so you can know what to expect.

MaverickTV Repository

The first entry on this list is a group of addons found within a repository called MaverickTV. We will be talking about two addons called SkyNet and At The Flix. The first one, SkyNet, is one of the most capable 4K Kodi addons – which is why we have decided to place it first.

Let’s take a look at how to install the MaverickTV repository, and then we’ll tell you how to find and install the both of these addons.

  • Open Kodi and go to Settings (use the gear icon in the top-left corner);

4K Kodi Addons - Maverick 1

  • Click on ‘File Manager’ and inside, double-click on ‘Add Source’;

4K Kodi Addons - Maverick 2

  • After double-clicking on ‘<None>’, you will be asked to enter a URL. Carefully copy and paste the following address: Click on ‘OK’;

4K Kodi Addons - Maverick 3

  • Provide a name for your new source. You can type in ‘MaverickTV’. Confirm your decision and add this source to Kodi;
  • Next, go back to the Home Screen. From there, click on ‘Add-ons’ in the main menu;
  • While in the Add-ons section, click on the open box icon in the top-left corner.
  • Pick ‘Install from zip file’ and a new pop-up will appear;

4K Kodi Addons - Maverick 4

  • Navigate to MaverickTV and double click on the file named ‘’;

4K Kodi Addons - Maverick 5

  • After a couple of seconds, the MaverickTV repository will be installed.

Now that you’ve added the new repository to Kodi, it’s time to install SkyNet and At The Flix addons.

  • From the Home Screen, go to Add-ons using the main menu;
  • Click on the open box icon in the top-left corner;

4K Kodi Addons - Maverick 6

  • Select ‘Install from repository’;
  • Now find and click on the ‘MaverickTV Repo’ folder. Once inside, go to the ‘Video Add-ons’ folder;

4K Kodi Addons - Maverick 7

  • Finally, this is where you can find SkyNet as well as At The Flix. Click on these addon’s names and use the ‘Install’ button to finalize the procedure.

4K Kodi Addons - Maverick 8


When looking for the best 4K Kodi addons, SkyNet should be the first addon you download and install. This is because SkyNet offers an incredible library of 4K movies that you can stream in just a few clicks.

To get to 4K movies, you can go to MaverickTV > Maverick 4K UHD Movies. Inside, you’ll find a nice selection of high-resolution titles including some recently released movies and well as the remastered movie classics.

Another way to browse the available titles is to go to SkyNet 4K UHD. In there, you’ll have two choices: Maverick 4K UHD and Supremacy 4K UHD. The first option brings around 40 titles at the moment. However, the second option brings 90 high-resolution movies. As you can see, there is a lot of choose from.

4K Kodi Addons - SkyNet

Another interesting content library can be found under the ‘Supremacy’ menu item on the home screen. In here, you’ll find a large collection of movies and TV channels from all around the world. However, they don’t come in 4K. Instead, many of them are offered in HD – which is a rarity in the world of Kodi addons.

At The Flix

In case you don’t like the SkyNet addon for some reason, you can use At The Flix as an alternative. What’s important to be said that these two addons share the same sources. This means that if you something to watch on SkyNet, that title will also be available on At The Flix. However, this addon is all about movies – which means that you won’t find TV channels or other types of content.

4K Kodi Addons - At The Flix

With this said, it’s clear that At The Flix is the perfect choice for those who want to watch HD and 4K movies. It brings a very simple interface and navigation, nicely presented categories, and fully working links. What more can we ask for?

BOB Unleashed

BOB Unleashed is one of the most comprehensive addons for Kodi. It is maintained by a large group of admins specialized in different kinds of content. This is why you can watch movies, TV shows, sports, TV channels, cartoons, anime, cooking shows, or even the latest U.K. lotto results. No matter what kind of content you’re after, BOB Unleashed will cater to your needs – even though this is one of the best movies-related addons for Kodi.

To access 4K movies using BOB Unleashed, click on ‘Thunder’ in the main menu. Next, go to Movies > 4K Movies. The first time you open this section, you will need to wait a couple of minutes. The addon will process every title’s metadata, which can take a while. At the moment, there are close to 130 titles that come in 4K.

4K Kodi Addons - BOB

Just like with Bennu, BOB Unleashed recommends using Real Debrid. As we said previously, this is an ultra-fast downloader that makes it easy to transfer large files over the Web. As you can imagine, 4K movies are quite large, so you’ll need a fast and steady Internet connection. On top of that, Real Debrid can of great help.

Learn how to install BOB Unleashed on Kodi as well as what to expect from this addon.


Our final suggestion when it comes to 4K Kodi addon is the Nemesis addon. Aside from bringing a wide range of content, Nemesis is known for two of its very peculiar content types. These are ‘Scanner Zone’ and ‘Air Traffic Control Zone’ that allow you to tune in to radio frequencies over the Web. This is why you can find this addon as a part of numerous builds for Kodi.

Since we are talking about 4K Kodi addons in this article, we’ll focus on this type of content. While in Nemesis, go to Movie Zone > 4K Movies. This is where you’ll find around 80 titles ready to be streamed. However, you will need to provide your Real Debrid credentials first. This can be done on the home screen of this addon.

4K Kodi Addons - Nemesis

The good news about Nemesis is that it doesn’t only focus on the latest movies. You will find a number of remastered classics as well if you’re into that kind of movies. In addition, make sure not to forget to check other parts of this addon since you surely won’t be disappointed.

Here’s how you can install Nemesis and gain access to tons of amazing 4K movies.

The Pyramid

The Pyramid is one of those turbulent addons. Even though it has had its ups and downs, this is a highly reliable addon at the moment. In fact, we can easily say that The Pyramid is one of the best all-in-one addons you can find at the moment.

The Pyramid 4K Kodi Addon

Upon opening The Pyramid, you will be welcomed with a huge list of options. This addon offers anything from movies, TV shows, radio stations, cartoons, and beyond. However, we will be focusing on its 4K movies section. This one can be accessed by going to Movie Zone > 4 Movies. Inside, you will find more than 100 movie titles. We’d noticed that not all of them work, but a large portion streams without any issues.

Here’s out in-depth installation guide for The Pyramid, where you can learn more about this amazing addon.

Additional Resources

Now you know about the best 4K Kodi addons. Before we conclude this article, we’d like to provide additional resources. As you maybe know, 4K is a highly demanding resolution. This means that not all devices can run it. Let’s take a look at what versions of Kodi are capable of playing 4K and Ultra HD files:

  • When it comes to desktop machines, you need a capable computer. This isn’t the same as playing 4K video games – which means that you don’t need to have a high-end computer. Above-medium GPU and CPU should do the job. The good news is that Kodi runs natively on Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • You can also install Kodi on Chromebooks. However, very few Chromebooks can play 4K files. At the moment, you can choose from Acer Chromebook 13, HP’s Premium Chromebook, and Samsung’s Chromebook Plus models.
  • 4K isn’t a new thing when it comes to smartphones. Almost every flagship model is capable of recording and playing 4K videos. When it comes to Kodi, this means that you can install Kodi on Android as well as on iOS devices.
  • Here’s the situation with other devices. Amazon’s Fire TV 4K is an option, as well as Nvidia Shield TV, Razer Forge TV, and high-end Roku devices. Apple has recently unveiled a new Apple TV generation, which is a good thing for Kodi users;
  • Finally, you can install Kodi on Smart TVs that come with Android TV. There’s also Microsoft Xbox console that supports 4K but you’ll need to find a creative way to mirror Kodi.

4K Kodi Addons - Resources

Last, but not the least, here are TechNadu’s articles that provide plenty of information about possible uses of Kodi. Make sure to read them to unlock the full potential of this application:

Best 4K Kodi Addons: Conclusion

We hope that we helped you to find amazing 4K addons for Kodi. With a bit of effort, you can unlock hundreds of hours of content related to high-resolution movies on Kodi.

If there’s something you’d like to add, use the comments section below. Let’s share ideas and experiences. In addition, we’d appreciate if you could share this article online and help us to reach more Kodi users. Thanks!

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