How to cast Kodi with Chromecast 

How to cast a video from kodi installed on a Smartphone or Android tablet to the TV equipped with Chromecast?

The idea here is to use chromecast with Kodi as we would with Youtube.

Natively it is not immediately possible.

Indeed Kodi uses its default player to play multimedia content.

The trick is simply to modify a Kodi configuration file to change the default player to another able to stream to chromecast.

For this we will need to install Kodion his smartphone, a file explorer for Android that can display hidden files ( ES File Explorerfor example), a player compatible with chromecast ( local cast for chromecast) and an alternate configuration file to change the default Kodi player ( PlayerFactoryCore.xml).

Once all the necessary files and applications are downloaded proceed to the step-by-step configuration:

open ES FILE EXPLORER and in the menu go to Settings \ Display Settings and check show hidden files .
copy the previously downloaded PlayerFactoryCore.xml file and paste it into Android \ Data \ org.xbmc.kodi \ userdata. This will replace the default file (reinstalling Kodi will restore the default file if you want to return to the default config)
That’s all…
Now, in kodi every time you want to start a video for example, will open the local cast for chromecast player that will stream your video feed directly to your chromecast. Once the video is launched, you can use your SMartphone as you see fit or even turn it off or put it to sleep, chromecast will work autonomously to play the video stream if it comes from the internet.

Another way to use kodi with chromecast

The easiest way to get Kodi content to chromecast from your smartphone for example is simply to do screen mirroring.

In the Google Home app that allows you to configure Chromecast you will simply go to the menu choose the option Caster screen or audio .

The disadvantage is that the Smartphone can not be used to do anything else during the broadcast and that the Smartphone must be in charge under penalty of being battery course being broadcast.

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