How to Install Addon Plex in Kodi [Oficial]

The addon Plex in Kodi is a program add-on where we can see all the content of our Plex account from Kodi, this add-on is in the official Kodi repository and is very well made , since when entering the interface changes completely making much more similar to Plex.

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This tutorial will not explain how to install Plex and how to configure it, you can find more information on the internet. If there are doubts in the installation process, you can leave them in the comments at the end of the article or in any of our social networks. If you want to support the Mundo Kodi project click here .

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How to Install Plex Addon in Kodi 17 Krypton

The steps to perform the installation are the following:

1. We open Kodi

2. We selected Accessories

You can also download the zip file of the addon Plex 0.1.3 (optional) – LINK mirror ] Â ( Support us online )

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3. Accessories (box icon)

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4. Install from repository

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5. Kodi Add-on repository

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6. Add-in for video

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7. Plex

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8. Install

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9. We are waiting for the notification Activated complement

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10. We return to the menu Add-on and select Program add-ons > Plex

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11. We give in the button Sign In

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12. It will show us a code which we will have to enter from any browser

13. Once entered the code will appear as “Account Linked”

Before entering the code we must login

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14. We return to Kodi and we can see our account of Plex

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15. We leave some images to show how the addon and its configurations

16. Ready! The addon Plex in Kodi will have been configured correctly.

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