This add-on is one of the simple and simple things you get for Kodi to optimize its features. Stream Engine is one of the most popular add-ons from previous years. This fame reached its range of options that met the desires and expectations of almost everyone. TV programs, live TV channels, music, movies, live sports, karaoke, radio, entertainment and more to entertain everyone.

Typically, this module can be added from the repository named Mucky Repo. One of the important and exciting things about the Stream Engine add-on is very fast and excellent.


STEP 1: The initial step was started from the Kodi Home screen. On the Kodi Home screen, you can see many tabs that include videos, movies, programs, music and more. In these options, go to the SYSTEM tab and click on it. This process will open the built-in options like Setup, File Manager and more. In these, you have to click on the file manager. kodi motor current

STEP 2: Clicking the File Manager option will open the page as shown above. On this page, you should go to the “Add a source” option and click on it.

STEP 3: After clicking on the add source option as mentioned in the previous step, you will get a box as shown in the image. In this you have to click on the text field with the option “<None>” that we have highlighted using a rectangular red box. Once you click on it, you will see it in the box. In this box, type and click the button below.

Then, to do this, you must click on the text field to enter the name of the media source. Once you click on this field, it will give you a view as shown in the list of images. In this case, you must enter a name for the source media. Here we gave the name “Mucky Duck” for future reference and click on “Done”. Once you touch the fact, you will get the dialog box as shown in the fourth picture we mentioned above. You must check the details you have entered before. After checking the details, click the OK button on the screen below.

STEP 4: Add Kodi to the Kodi Fountain. On the Home screen, once again, click the SYSTEM tab and navigate to the built-in ADJUSTMENTS option. Once you reach the option, just click on it to open it.

STEP 5: In the system, you have the option to view the configuration in the system. This page contains a list of options on the left side of the screen. In these options, go to Add-ons and click to open.

STEP 6: When you open the Add-ons option, you get a screen as shown in the image above. This page can be used as a supplement page. This page has too many options. In these options, go to “Install from zip file” and click on it.

STEP 7: After opening the “Install from zip file” folder, the page will open as shown in the image above. This page contains many folders on your device. You can see a folder with the name of the media source you assigned in the previous step. We gave him the name “Mucky Duck”, you can see this folder. Click on the Mucky Duck folder in the list to open it.

STEP 8: The Mucky Duck folder, will show the ZIP files present in this one. In these files, you must click on the ZIP file with the name “” to open it. You must keep in mind that the version of the ZIP file may vary from one to the other.

STEP 9: after you clicked on the ZIP file “” as mentioned in the previous step, Mucky Duck repository installation will start in your Kodi. Once the installation process is complete, you will be notified with the message at the bottom right of the screen.

STEP 10: After receiving the pop-up message, you can confirm that Mucky Duck has been added to your device. After that, you have to click on the “Install from Repository” option, which you can get on the Add-ons page.

STEP 11: When you open the “Install from Repository” option on the Add-ons page, it will be displayed in the image above. This page could contain the list of available deposits in your kodi. In this list, look for MUCKY DUCK REPO and click on it to open it.

STEP 12: When you open MUCKY DUCK REPO you will get a page that is shown in the image. You can see Add-on repository options, Music add-ons, skin and more. In this list, you must navigate to the Video Add-ons option and click on it.

STEP 13: Open Video Add-ons in MUCKY DUCK REPO will give you a page as shown in the image above. You can see different types of add-ons in this repository. You must search for the STREAM ENGINE plugin and click on it.

STEP 14: Once you have clicked the STREAM ENGINE item in the list, the plugin installation page opens. This page will contain information about the add-on. Under the Stream Engine plug-in icon, you can see the INSTALL option. Just browse it and click on it to begin the installation process.

STEP 15: After installation, the installation process begins and may take a second to complete. Once the add-on is done, you can see it.

STEP 16: ADD STREAM ENGINE videos, with a sub-option called Add-ons. Once you click on the add-ons option, you will get the screen as shown in the image. Click the STREAM ENGINE icon for that.


STREAM ENGINE add A LOT OF FUN to your kodi. It has many options of things like TV channels, videos, music and more to keep you entertained. Enjoy the kodi!

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