How to install Titan kodi addon

The Titan addon  may seem normal, but do not be fooled. He has a good mix of films and shows ranging from documentaries to science fiction. They also have some good movies in 3D and 4k to watch. In this guide, we will show you how to install this one.

October 24: Titan is an extension developed by Titan available in version 3.0.0.


We strongly recommend using a VPN when using Kodi to help you stay anonymous and protect yourself online. You can get the best offer in the market from the VPN Comparison page .

If you are a beginner and want to learn how to install Kodi, please consult our Kodi Beginner’s Guide and Tips .

How to download and install the application

The current extension is not taken by the Kodi Foundation. Although extensions do not store or host any content, feeds are extracted from websites that infringe or otherwise interfere with copyrights.
Because it is not legal to distribute this content in certain countries and locations, we do not publish a practical guide on this site. 
Installation method from a source (Estouchy Dressing):

Step 1

Open Kodi
Select settings (configuration icon – top left)
3. Select system

4. Select Extensions and enable unknown sources.

5. Select yes.

2nd step

6. Return to your Kodi Home screen (ESC key)

7. Select File Manager.

8. Select Add Source.

8. Select

8. Select

9. Type EXACTLY the address of your source and select enter.

10- Select the highlighted area under “Enter the name of this source” and type a name of your choice and then select ok.

Step 3

11- Return to your Kodi home screen (ESC key) and select settings (configuration icon – top left).

12. Select Extensions

13. Select Install from Zip file

14. Select the name of your repo.

15. Select the extension to install.

Step 4

15. Select install from a repository

16. Select your deposit.

16. Select video extensions.

16. Select your extension.

16. Select Install.

17. Return to your Kodi Home screen (ESC key) and select videos-> video extensions.

17.Select your extension. 😉 😉 😉 😉

2- Method of installation from a source (Confluence Dressing):

Open Kodi

Select System> File Manager

Select Add source

Do not select anything

Type the following text (source address) and select Done

Select the box below Enter a name for this source, type repo and select OK

Return to your home screen

Select System

Select Extension

Select Install from zip file

Select repo

Select the name of your repo in zip mode

Please wait for the installation notification.

Select Install from a depot

Select the name of your deposit

Select Video Extensions

Select your extension

Select Install

Please wait for the installation notification. Your extension is now installed. You can view the extension from Videos -> Extensions> Your extension from your home screen.

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