New Extension All In One On KODI Shipping !!!

 Eyasses Addon

Eyasses Addon: New Extension All In One On KODI Shipping !!!

Hello everyone, I have news for you on kodi with a new extension. So, it is Eyasse Addon, an all in one on kodi. He will therefore offer you HD movies as well as 3D and 4D. But also, series, TV channels around the world, and much more. You will need to test, so that all functions properly.

This extension is compatible on all your devices, smartphone, tv box, tablet. But you must have kodi to install, and I suggest the latest version of kodi 17.6. Now, I propose you to download the deposit below as well as, to follow my tutorial.

Click on the blue button to download the deposit Download the deposit here

Emergency link to download the deposition here

Eyasses Addon Tutorial

  • Start kodi
  • Go to system, parameter, extension, install from zip file
  • Locate and install the AJ Repo deposit
  • Wait for the notification on the screen then go to “Install from a deposit”
  • Select “Ajs Repo, video extension, and install Eyasses”
  • Once the message show all is good
  • Enjoy !!!
  • Understanding the VPN here

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