Terrarium TV: Movies and Multi-Link Series on Android

Terrarium TV is an Android application where we can find a large catalog of films and series multi-link in original language with the option to place subtitles and many more interesting features, especially designed for all Device types of different Android ranges. In recent weeks it has become very popular for its great catalog and stability.

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The application is exclusively for Android, which is also compatible with Amazon Fire TV (Stick), TV Box’s and cell phones and tablets. The application is not available on Google Play but we can download it from the Aptoide alternative store.

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Terrarium TV Movies and Multi-Link Series on Android

Terrarium TV Aptoide LINK

Terrarium TV APK (1.9.1) LINK mirror ( How to download files in Kodi World )

Some of the features that we can find in this app are the following:


Within Terrarium TV we can see exclusively movies and series being one of the largest catalogs that we have reviewed within an application, we may notice some buffer in some of the alternatives, but the solution is as simple as choosing another link.

One of the best options is that we can choose the player with which we want to reproduce the content, within the application some recommended options appear, however if we have installed another player in our device we can choose it without complication.

 terrarium tv

Resolutions and Multi-Link

Within each movie or series we can find a good amount of link options which helps us in case one source does not work to try another, this is commonly called multi-link.

Within all the different available links we can make a filtering by resolutions, viewing from the lowest CAM resolution (recorded from the cinema) to HD, which does not determine with accuracy whether it is HD or Full HD.

 terrarium tv

Subtitles and Language

The application is native in English however within the options it is possible to add subtitles directly from providers like opensubtitles, subscene, among others and it is so simple that when you start the movie or series you only have to select to see with subtitles, which also There are several options to choose from.

The language or language in which the application comes is depending on the language that we have configured in our device, that is, if we have our Android in Spanish the application will also load in this language. You can also change the language but we will see it below. Although the language is in Spanish there are some options that are not translated, we assume that with some updates will be resolved.

 terrarium tv


This is where we realize that the application is designed in all because it has a large number of customization options in all aspects, in the general part we can find options about the language, we can also select our default player , make it only show links in HD or omit those with CAM resolution.

Within the performance options we will find some settings that are recommended by the same app for low-end devices, we can also activate notifications when a new episode or movies are added, we can also link our track.tv account (In future publications we will explain what is track.tv and how it works) .

We will have the option to choose the cache download location, select the synopsis language (includes Spanish) and specify how the subtitles will be displayed (font, size, color, etc.), configure forced horizontal mode, among many options more.

 terrarium tv


One of the characteristics of Terrarium TV is that when viewing a movie or series we can make a gesture on the screen horizontally and the video will be advanced / delayed and by making the gesture vertically on the right side we can upload / lower the volume and left brightness.

 terrarium tv

Downloads and Favorites

Terrarium TV has the option to download, first we recommend selecting the route from the settings. We can do the download with or without subtitles, this makes the process much easier, it should be mentioned that not all links are available for download, especially those that include subtitles and some others may be that the download is too slow, that it depends on our Internet connection and the source where the download is made.

We can include favorites, this makes the navigation to detect certain content of our interest is as simple and in case we have already viewed a chapter of a series or movie we can mark the option of seen.

 terrarium tv


In conclusion, this is one of the best applications to play movies and series, since today we find a number of alternatives being that some have better content, settings, resolutions, etc. However, Terrarium TV is a combination of all of them and despite everything we like most is that it works in a stable way, has a good catalog and is updated frequently, which in the end is what we look for in an application. We just hope that in the next updates we will find content in Latin or Spanish, but nothing has been mentioned about that.

 terrarium tv

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