TOP 12 BEST WORKING KODI List of addons

Kodi’s accessories are constantly changing with the old ones, which were often the best replaced by newer accessories.

  • Pact

Covenant is a new Kodi plug-in for 2017 based on the popular code Exodus and Genesis. Play movies and TV shows.

Since Lambda has ceased to update Exodus, the Pact is a response to this and will receive future updates from new developers.

The servers ran slowly due to demand and sometimes crashes. The Ares wizard added it recently (after removing Exodus), which is the most reliable way to install it now. It is also available in other Rest, including Smash and Dimitrology.

  • BoB unleashed

Noobs and Nerds Repo has released a new update of the popular BoB Unrestricted module called BoB Unleashed. This is a new addition with many familiar names such as Thunder, TNPB and Valhalla.


The very popular supplement from Phoenix is ​​reborn and is now called BENNU. He has many of the same collaborators, including Alecto, Cerus, Crusader88, Dr Stream, Excalibur, Bull, Uraeus and more.

  • elysium 

Elysium is a continuation of the popular and updated zen supplement. Plays movies and TV shows with an interface similar to other exodus forks.

  • UK Turk’s playlists

UK Turk is a very good one-click add-on that has been constantly updated. It is a beautiful addition with a unique design for categories such as live television, TV shows, sports, movies, cartoons and documentaries.

  • The pyramid

The Pyramid is an older Kodi supplement that has been constantly updated. He recently received a new update and plays movies, TV shows and sports in one click.

  • Genesis Reborn

Genesis Reborn is a genesis plugin fork once popualr with updated work code. As it comes from the Genesis code, it has the same design and the same options as Genesis / Exodus. It is a good complement to have and has been continuously updated.

  • Monster Munch

Monster Munch is a new add-on Kodi all-in-one with many sections. It has movies, TV shows, sports, a live IPTV section and so much more.

  • ULU AutoPlay

ULU AutoPlay is a new Kodi add-on of the Jesus Box repository. It is a television program and a complementary film with easy-to-navigate sections and sub-sections. After clicking on a video, she goes out and finds the best transmission and plays it automatically.

  • Renaissance 2017

Rebirth 2017 is a Kodi video module of the Cypher Locker repository. This is a fork of the popular Exodus add-on with updated code and links. As Exodus is no longer maintained, many ranges have appeared, including Rebirth 2017, which worked very well. The design is basically the same as Exodus with some minor variations.

  • Atom

Atom is a new Kodi add-on all-in-one Supremacy repository. This includes news, 4K movies, live TV, Atom IPTV, TV shows, Atom Movie Mix, one-click movies, Kids Zone, Real Debrid Movies, live sports and more.

  • PAC-12 Pro

PAC-12 Pro is a new IPTV Live TV add-on from Vinh Repository. Sections include PAC12, EE. United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Adult, Vietnam, Music, PPV Channels, World, US UU News., PPV Sports Channels and more.

So far, it has worked very well.

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